Avatar PD705 1GB Memory

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Avatar PD705 9-Trigger Multipad Percussion Sampling Pad Desktop Electric Drum Set With 600+ Sounds, Built-in Looper, Effecter, Metronome, Support USB-MIDI Connectivity.PD705 Sample Pad is a multipad that combines nine velocity-sensitive silicone pads having decent rebound and natural feel. Every pad supports to set A/B layer sounds. The 608 built-in sounds and 30 preset kits have the right sound for everyone. 20 user kits, 1GB storage including 128MB Flash-ROM for loading your own original samples via USB stick. Rehearsing, recording or on stage at the local club, portable PD705 keeps things simple. You can carry it everywhere, connect it to an amplifier, then you're ready to rock. A recording function allows user to quickly create sequences that can be played back as loops. An equaliser, a limiter, and a reverb effect are available for sound editing. USB & MIDI connections ensure perfect integration into music production. 5-pin Midi In / Out ports, USB-B port for computer connectivity, easy for DAW/VST use. You can start triggering backing tracks easily.